The Section Crew was organized in 1924 and meets every Monday evening with the 3rd Monday of each month is their stated meeting at Asiya Shriners, 1925 Elkhorn Court, San Mateo.  Monday evenings are spent preparing the various vehicles for Parades, painting and repairing the Second Section equipment and general work parties.

The Section Crew is responsible for assembling the Novices for Initiation into the Shrine, from the time they arrive until they are Fezzes. For putting on the Second Section of the Ceremonials with those devilish stunts which we all remember.  They are responsible for having the East-West Football float, antique Fire Truck(s), and various Mini-vehicles in parades and other events that are requested by our Illustrious Potentate.  The Section Crew also builds and sets up the scenery for the Mass Installation and the Potentate’s Ball. In 2013 the Asiya Brigade Unit joined the Section Crew adding additional drivers for the many parades.