The Clown Unit was organized in 1980 and meets on the last Wednesday of each month.


Why are Shrine Clowns so popular? Because they are fun! And Clowning is fun!

Clowns bring smiles to kids of all ages. The Classic Clowns with their white face are popular and easy to recognize with their bright costumes. The Auguste Clown has a colorful face and costume and is the clown jokester. The “Tramp/Hobo” clown wears worn and raggedy costumes and is easy going.  Clowns are always featured wherever they go and are great favorites with the young and old alike.

Because clowns have the benefit of entertaining in hospitals, convalescent homes, youth centers, Special Olympics, special needs kids, parades and many more fun loving activities, there is a large choice of performance skills to dig into.  Magic, story telling, puppets, juggling, balloons, circus skills, mime and slapstick are several of the specialty areas.

Does “clowning around” sound like fun to you? Then, let one of our Shrine Clowns know that you want to get into the act. We can provide help and training to get you started.